David Simpson

We had been searching for a specific vehicle for a couple of months and couldn’t seem to find any suitable candidates anywhere within an hours drive of our place in Port Dover. A vehicle was listed at Eastway Toyota in Windsor that looked great, but do we make a 3.5 hour drive to check it out? Basically we’d be doing a 7 hour round trip plus the time spent at the dealership at a very busy time of year. I enquired online with their social media specialist Sierra and she answered all of my obvious concerns and then spoke with their Salesman David who was also very helpful. He even cheerfully returned my texts on a Sunday, his day off, because we were hoping to come on the Monday. We did end up buying and thought the process went extremely well. The sales manager James took the time to come over and thank us and tell us how much he appreciated us coming such a distance to shop at his dealership. The icing on the cake was when our salesman Najib informed us he was heading up north on vacation Friday and offered to deliver our car to Port Dover. It was at least an hour out of his way for him and his friends but he insisted it was no problem. Sure enough come Friday there was our new car delivered right to our home. That saved us another 7 hour round trip. What amazing customer service, from an excellent car dealership.