Parts & Service Overview


At Eastway Toyota, we know best what your car needs 

Here at Eastway Toyota, everything we do revolves around serving you with the best. Whether it is just a regular service schedule or any specific one, we understand your car better. Tire rotation, an oil change, or any other vehicle service, with Eastway Toyota, you can be assured that your beloved car is checked thoroughly for any new product updates or any worn components, and is fixed right the very first time you visit us. Avoid the unnecessary hassle and unreliable services at unknown garages. Bring your car to Eastway Toyota for the most genuine service by certified experts and technicians.

Eastway Toyota is a proud member of the Rafih Auto Group that has some of the best inventories of new and used cars and service facilities across Canada and the USA.


Parts and Service Videos

Watch these videos to know how at Eastway Toyota we take care of your car with all the parts and services it needs such as regular check-up of the engine, changing engine coolant at the right interval, detailing the vehicle, cleaning and replacing the brakes, and more:

Vehicle Detailing: Detailing your vehicle at regular intervals adds years of life to your vehicle. It ensures that your vehicle looks as good as new for longer. Also, it makes your car cleaner and more comfortable.

Car Engine: The car's engine ensures that your vehicle runs smoothly and performs best. The health of the engine determines the overall performance of your car. Hence, it is important to get it regularly checked to ensure that the engine is running without any issues.

Brakes: At Eastway Toyota, your car is fixed with only Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) brake pads or shoes that ensure that the performance and reliability of the vehicle's braking system remain the best.

Eastway Toyota Service Facilities: At Eastway Toyota, we have several amenities available for you to make your vehicle servicing easy, comfortable, and relaxing, such as shuttle service, valet service, complimentary car wash, and many more.

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Eastway Toyota Service Facilities

Detailing Your Vehicle

With a highly experienced team of technicians, the Eastway Toyota service department is committed to giving you excellent service. We have a lot of amenities available for you to make your vehicle servicing an easy, comfortable, and relaxing experience.

We offer a wide variety of services for the convenience of our clients. Such as shuttle service, pickup and drop-off, and rental vehicles. We cater to our client's comfort by providing a waiting lounge where our clients can relax while their beloved vehicle is taken care of.

Detailing Your Vehicle

Car detailing is a deep cleaning of your vehicle. Here at Eastway Toyota, there are several different packages depending on what type of vehicle you drive, and how often you drive. Routine detailing is a key part of keeping your vehicle working well and looking its best. This way, your car will always stand out on the roads and will never lose its charm.

Sometimes, the problems are hidden away but detailing can alert people to the problems before they become too big. We have four packages - Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Ceramic. Each package includes more services than the previous one. Depending on how thoroughly you want your vehicle to be detailed, you can choose from these packages.

Checking your Engine's Coolant Level

At Eastway Toyota, coolant is something that we check generally on all cars that come for service to make sure that there's enough coolant in your car to maintain the anti-corrosive properties that relate to your engine and also to make sure that your heating ventilation and air conditioning system are operating correctly. So that your car stays warm inside and just stays cool and you get to drive around on the roads all year long without any hassle.

It might seem like a minor car fluid, but engine coolant impacts the performance of the engine to a significant extent. That's why it is important to get the coolant level checked every time you visit for your vehicle's service.

How to Keep Your Car's Engine Clean

Taking care of your engine and keeping the underhood clean will help do two things - 1. It will keep the vehicle cooler, and 2. it prolongs the life of the engine. Here at Eastway Toyota, we have trained technicians to clean the engine and the underhood.

They use a special foaming degreaser that cuts through any dust, dirt, or grease that builds up over the course of time. Along with it, the car's radiator and AC conductor are also cleaned. This ensures that your vehicle's engine and air conditioning run smoothly without facing any issues.

Importance of Brake Service Maintenance

A brake service is a service that we do here at Eastway Toyota to help prolong the life of your car's brakes. The brakes themselves sit inside a holder that opens and closes when you pry the brakes. We take that part and get rid of all the dust and dirt so that there is no interference in the braking system.

It is recommended that the brake service maintenance be done every other year or 32,000 kilometers to make sure that your vehicle's braking system works fine and not lead to any unexpected issues.