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Hybrid Electric

Hybrid Electric Toyota's


Hybrid Electric Toyota's

A Hybrid Electric Vehicle allows you the freedom to reduce your fuel costs and lower emissions. With the hybrid system using two sources of power that work seamlessly together, and no need to plug in, an HEV asks only that you enjoy the ride.


of A Hybrid Vehicle

Get In and Go

get-in-go-iconToyota Hybrid powertrains work in the background automatically, so you won't have to change how you drive or even fuel your Toyota.

Go The Distance

get-in-go-iconWith a Toyota hybrid battery, the battery recharges while you drive, for added convenience, without the need to plug in your vehicle.

Quiet and Efficient

get-in-go-iconToyota electric motors provide incredible torque for instant acceleration and a smooth ride.

Reduce Your Fuel Costs

fuel-iconIn terms of your driving habits, you can help reduce the cost of your fuel.

Say Goodbye To Additional Routine Maintenance

fuel-iconToyota hybrid electric vehicles follow regular gas-powered vehicles' maintenance schedule.

How It Works

Hybrid electric vehicles use a gas engine with electric motors to automatically switch between blends of power. Since the hybrid battery can recharge on the go through regenerative braking, you will never need to plug in your vehicle.

Starting Your Engine

When driving in most conditions, your electric motor is engaged, delivering torque with minimal emission and saving you fuel.

Driving Experience

Toyota's gas engine and electric motor work together to provide the ideal mix of power for seamless acceleration, and any remaking energy is used to recharge the battery.

Decelerating & Braking

When decelerating, the electric motor takes over. The Toyota braking system converts energy into electric energy to help recharge the battery.


When reversing at a low speed, only the electric motor is required.


Built to Last

The same commitment to excellence you expect from Toyota is used in manufacturing Toyota Hybrid Electric Vehicles. Because of this, they include the same essential warranties as all Toyota vehicles, which further Limited Warranty Coverages support.



160,000 KM

Hybrid Component Warranty*



240,000 KM

Hybrid Battery Warranty*