Cooling System Service

Winter is coming and you may want to prepare your car for cold weather.

All the fluid levels of your car should be checked and they should be replenished if there is a need to, especially the anti-freeze liquid, mostly called coolant.

The job of the coolant is to keep the engine cool in summer and to prevent freezing in winter season. Not only that, it also prevents corrosions to the interior. Check the quality of the coolant and the levels.

To check the levels, open the hood and you will see a transparent bottle at the front. There are scales given on the bottle from where you can see whether there is enough coolant in there. In case there is not then get it filled. Check for leaks, if the coolant level is low then there may be a chance that there is a leakage.

The coolant needs to be changed as well, over time the mixture gets dirty and it does not function properly. Get the coolant checked and if there is need for it, get it changed for the upcoming winter season.

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