Autism Awareness Contest 2024

Rafih Auto Group is thrilled to announce that Eastway Toyota, one of our dealerships, won the Autism Awareness Contest. This recognition reflects the hard work and commitment of the Eastway Toyota team, who have significantly contributed to raising autism awareness within the community.

The Rafih Engagement and Culture Committee holds contests once a month. As April is Autism Awareness Month, we had a contest at our dealerships.

This month, the dealerships were asked to submit a photo of how their dealership represented Autism Awareness and Eastway Toyota Won our Autism Awareness Contest.

April is Autism Awareness Month, and the Rafih Engagement and Culture Committee is incredibly proud to celebrate this remarkable achievement and help promote awareness of Autism in our communities.

At Rafih Auto Group, we believe in and encourage our staff to create and implement an inclusive and understanding environment at every Rafih Auto Group dealership.

Our teams across all dealerships are committed to fostering a workplace that strongly values diversity and actively supports those with Autism.

Congratulations to Eastway Toyota, and thank everyone involved for their outstanding commitment; together, we can make a lasting impact on our communities and continue to bring awareness to Autism.

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