2019 Toyota RAV4 Trail Review

Experience a classy, comfortable, smooth, stylish, and fuel-efficient ride cozy travel to CLOUD NINE with Toyota’s New 2019 RAV4 fantastic features.

Let me show you Top 3 features of RAV4 2019 which ensure you experience a safe and sound ride.

No 1: Pre-Collision System

Toyota’s Pre-Collision System is a safety system designed to reduce the possibility or severity of frontal collisions by warning drivers of impending crashes with vehicles ahead. The system alerts them with audio and visual warnings and may automatically activate brake assist. In case they are unable to apply brakes even when the likelihood of a collision with the preceding vehicle is extremely high, it may automatically apply the vehicle’s brakes without driver’s input.

No 2: Adaptive Cruise Control

It’s time to get rid of conventional “constant speed” cruise control which helps vehicles travel at a preset speed. It was hardly worthwhile especially on busy roadways when you’re continually forced to cancel your preset speed.

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control is meant to keep your vehicle’s speed in check as this latest feature adds a vehicle-to-vehicle distance control mode that will adjust your vehicle’s speed (within a set range) to help maintain a preset distance to a preceding vehicle travelling at a lower speed. When the system determines the clear road ahead, it will automatically bring your vehicle back to its preset speed.

No 3: Lane Trace Assist (LTA)

You are never off lane! LTA is designed to work in conjunction with Full Speed Range Dynamic Radar Cruise Control to keep the vehicle centered in its visibly marked lane and preemptively avoid unintended lane departures.

An integrated forward-facing camera and grille-mounted radar system helps monitor lane markings, as well as the path of the vehicle, and is designed to automatically make constant steering inputs to help keep the vehicle centered and in its lane.

The all-new 2019 RAV4 is all set to kindle your desire to be on the smooth move with a variety of fascinating models to choose from. At the end, just 4 words for RAV4; ‘There’s More Out There’